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Kids Dentist Eugene OR

Girl in princess dress and boy in pirate outfit with hook and eyepatch A lifetime of healthy teeth starts with good brushing habits, good nutritional choices, and trust in the dentist. By teaming up with you, we can ensure that your child has a vibrant smile all the way into adulthood.

At Higbee Family Dentistry, dentistry for kids is more than bright, healthy smiles. Dr. Higbee believes that dentistry for kids is also about making the trip to the dentist a calm, pleasant experience so there's no fear of 'next time'. We take pride in seeing our patients grow into their adult teeth, so we're committed to earning the trust of everyone who visits our practice - both children and parents. That is why we take extra time to build rapport and earn confidence, making the experience easier for everyone. As a part of our care, we use pleasant, simple explanations to answer your child's questions and calm any anxieties. Of course, we are also happy to answer any concerns or questions you might have as a parent.

Three young kids huddling together while playing

An Office With Kids in Mind

Superior service starts before your child's appointment. We know that your child's perception of his or her visit starts well before he or she climbs into the dentist's chair, and that's why we proudly offer a warm, kid-friendly waiting area. We provide a variety of storybooks and toys for all ages to have fun with while they wait, along with a giant fish tank in the waiting room!

Two girls of mixed races hugging and smilling

Helping Your Child Prepare

At Higbee Family Dentistry, we believe in the power of education. Our hygiene team uses kid-friendly technology and easy-to-understand language to help you and your child understand what you can expect next as your child grows.

Boy brushing teeth with orange toothbrush

Children's Teeth Brushing

As a parent, it can be very difficult to get your kids to want to brush their teeth. Even if you can get them to brush them, chances are, it is not the proper length of time or even the proper method. Educating your kids about the importance of brushing their teeth and helping them learn the proper techniques is essential to their long term health, which can sometimes require parents to get creative.

The Right Toothpaste

Toothpaste contains safe levels of fluoride if used appropriately. For children over the age of 2, that means applying a pea size amount which can be safely absorbed in the system. Children should be trained not to swallow too much toothpaste. It's best for parents to apply the toothpaste to children's toothbrushes until cognitive skills reach a level of understanding that allows them to follow instructions and use good judgment.

Where to Educate Your Child

If your kids do not want to listen to a lecture from mom or dad about oral health let them watch the various resources online given by the American Dental Association; kids seeing cartoon characters brushing and flossing may be encouraged to take better care of their teeth. If that tactic does not work, let the dentist know the struggles that you are having with your child and let him or her talk to your child about the importance of oral health.

Make Brushing Fun

Sometimes, a more hands-on approach and visual aid are necessary to help kids get the hang of brushing their teeth the right way. There are various ways that you can help:
•  Set up a timer to ensure that they brush for at least two minutes
•  Take turns brushing, giving your child a little control while you make sure that their teeth are brushed correctly
•  Sing a song, such as Happy Birthday or the ABC's while brushing
•  Play a video or song for two minutes to give them an idea of how long they need to brush

Finding ways to help your children brush their teeth the right way can help to set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth and a pretty smile. It is never too early or too late to instill good tooth brushing abilities.

Little girl missing a tooth smiling

When a Child's Tooth Comes Out Too Early

Children are supposed to lose their teeth in a certain succession. Unfortunately, childhood does not always play along, causing kids to prematurely lose a tooth or teeth. Whether it is due to injury or decay, it can cause problems for your child's mouth in the future. The problem occurs when the space in your child's mouth is taken over by the teeth that already exist. All of a sudden, there is nowhere for the permanent teeth to grow in, leaving your child with an overcrowded mouth. Ultimately, this could cause problems for your child's speech, ability to eat and self-esteem.

A Space Maintainer

A solution that your dentist can help your child with is a space maintainer. The sole purpose of the space maintainer is to keep your child's existing teeth in their place, preventing them from moving and taking over the new vacancy in your child's mouth. There are several types of space maintainers to choose from, including those that are fixed in place or those that are removable.

When the Teeth Grow

Once your child's permanent tooth or teeth start to erupt, the dentist can remove the space maintainer. This will allow your child's permanent tooth to grow in healthy and strong and prevent issues that could have occurred if the space was not maintained.

Not all cases will require a space maintainer, but your dentist is the best person to decide if it is necessary. The most important thing is that your child's teeth are protected and their oral health is intact.

Three kids one with braces holding each other

We Are Here for You!

Have a question about something you've seen on our website, or heard on a popular talk show about kids and their teeth? Our team of dental assistants, office staff, and our dentist are all here to answer your questions and help you navigate through your child's oral development. Give us a call today at 541-306-8687.

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